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Web Designers & Web Design Resources - Untitled document A collection of sites providing information on web design hosting and services.

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Web Designers & Web Design Resources

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Manager: peterwesternuk
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A collection of sites providing information on web design hosting and services.


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Internet Islands Website Hosting
Welcome to Internet Islands. Website Hosting Internet Islands offer an affordable website hosting service to clients in East and West Sussex and other local areas, desiring an internet website without the hassle of design and maintenance.
Ask Felgall for Computer Help
We provide free computer tech support. Here you will find HOW-TO pages that answer many frequently asked questions about computers, pages on how to customize parts of the system to work the way that you want, as well as some reference material. Just about all the computer help you need is (or soon will be) found listed within one or more of our computer help topics.
Per-medjed Designs
Per-medjed Designs offers a wide range of linkware, purchaseware and custom graphics & some stationery for Outlook Express.
Sharon Tutt's Personal Home Page
My site contains HTML, CSS (still under construction), and JavaScript. My Oracle and MSAccess work has been a challenge. I apologize showing the beta-site. I'm looking for online web, database and programming group(s) to discuss my concerns. I'm plan to switch from this beta-site to a new website.
Poetry and writing,plus Java applet and link to graphics site with html help and coding

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Web Designers & Web Design Resources

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This webring is about web designers and resources for web development. Web designers plan, design, create and launch web sites on to the Internet. They are creative people, much like an artist is with canvas, paints and a brush. So is the web designer with a blank page, graphics and code. In this webring, you will find resources for all phases of web designing such as HTML tutorials, templates, help files, how-to's, graphics tutorials, web sets, help with other programming languages, and so on.

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