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Karaoke - A Karaoke ring for those who enjoy singing. This Ring includes karaoke dealers, KJ's, and singers who have sites contain

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A Karaoke ring for those who enjoy singing. This Ring includes karaoke dealers, KJ's, and singers who have sites containing karaoke information.



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Articles contributed to Karaoke

KARAOKE FULLY BLOWN by keithaitv (06/03/2010 18:21:14)

Karaoke is a passion for many people who prefer to get out and about rather than staying home glued to the "box".

It is true that many particpants of karaoke are not what one may consider "star" material, but therein lies the beauty of the medium, as it allows active participation, to everyone good or bad. That of course is the key word, participation, or being actively involved. Now whilst it's sometimes painful to listen to those who really should stay as far away from a microphone as possible, most often, after a few "performances" most get the message from those around them that perhaps another endeavour may be more appropriate, such as rock climbing for instance.

Karaoke also is a fertile breeding ground for egos, and this is amplified whenever there is a competition or prize involved. I've witnessed everything from coersion to bribery from those who are determined to "win" at all costs.

Friendships have been destroyed, even professional relationships have gone "South" due to fierce competition from a kraroke rival. Karaoke generally however, in the main, fosters a common interest by like minded individuals, and a well run karaoke show can bring people together. i use my own case as an example.

I met my current partner by chance at a karaoke evening in a well known club in this city (Sydney). She had never sung in her life but now gets up every chance she can, as we do follow karaoke pretty much in our local area. Not only that, but she has recieved a stack of prizes and incentives from her efforts, whilst I can seem to pull a trick (and I used to be a pro singer with a number of well known bands a few years ago). So it just goes to show that karaoke can be a positive entertainment format for many people, and offers opportunities that perhaps may not have been available to them previously.

But, as a final footnote, I will ask that by all means get up and sing a song, but if you are really attrocious (and you'll know it by the audience reaction) please be considerate of those around you, and simply enjoy those who can at the very least hold a tune. Fm Karaoke runs a really great show with lights, 2 video units, posts to you tube, provides up to 4 uhf cordless mics, has a super pa system and you can catch em' at Club Bondi Junction Sydney (previously Bondi junction RSL). They also have a great web site



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