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Ring of Worlds - The Ring of Worlds is for web pages about fictional worlds, or about the design of such worlds. Are you a writer who has

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Ring of Worlds

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The "Ring of Worlds" is for web pages about fictional worlds, or about the design of such worlds. Are you a writer who has posted information about an original science fiction or fantasy world on the web? Are you a GM who has done the same? Have you created a page for your MUD or MUSH, explaining its world? Or have you put together extensive details for Middle Earth, Narnia or Pern? Alternate Earths, well developed cities and the like also count. Check out the Ring of Worlds!


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   Yesterday the World Preview Go
A story of Nazi Germany vs. Imperial Japan vs. the World - in 2006! Life in Siberia in the meantime. And superhumans too.
   A History of Atlantis and the Atlantean Empire Preview Go
The history of Atlantis and its empire, supposedly discovered in an alternate world. It contains detailed descriptions of Atlantean geography (including many maps), society, arts, philosophy, warfare and languages throughout its history.
   Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Preview Go
links, rings DM questions answered

   Diluculo - The dawning of the end roleplay. Preview Go
The Nocens have taken over earth, killing humans. Will the Parallels (with psychic powers) and the Indifferens (with physical powers) be able to stop them?
   Xandarr's Tower Preview Go
A new site dedicated to ad&d and the online World Project of IOZ. Accepting Submissions of any sort. Please check it out.
   Tu, the World Waterrimmed Preview Go
A slow fleshing out of a fantasy world, with pantheons, major persons, snippets of history and story and legend. More being added on an (at least!) weekly basis.
   Bohavia (AD&D PBeM) Preview Go
Welcome to Bohavia! The Bohavia campaign has been running since October '97, when the game was planned as an AD&D campaign for expert level fanatics, each willing to develop in-depth characters and to post several times per day. The world is based upon a fantasy version of Medieval Central Europe, which is rich in melodrama and black humor. If you're interested in seeing
   The Land of Thul Preview Go
Thul is a diverse but growing land. In this webworld you are not just browsing a website you're traveling across our amazing land! Each site represents a different city. The Myth based Asguard, the Fantastical Thul, the SciFi Utopia Metrokadia, and the Subterranean Space Opera of Gloomeria! Join our fray today and "browse an adventure" all the way from the guestbooks,
   Qaiyore PBeM Interactive Fantasy History Game Preview Go
Qaiyore is a land in which the players take the roles of societies, rather than playing individual characters. The players invent a society with its culture, and guide its development and interaction with the world. Emphasis is placed on developing a detailed history and cultures for Qaiyore, along with myths and legends.
   Black Admiral Shared Universe Preview Go
A science fiction shared universe intended to be a diverse and exciting backdrop for writers, artists, designers, contributors, and objective observers of all ages and interests. Currently encouraging writing and art and developing a MMOG and online space trading game.

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