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Any websites about business and/or politics. Business, finance, global politics, ethics, schools, consumers, companies, employment, workers, financial professions, home businesses, family businesses, agriculture, industry, investments, labor, unions, strikes, marketing, advertising, telemarketing, spam, bad business practices, news, media, public relations, real-estate, restaurants, cafes, bars, small businesses, stocks, stores, shopping malls, manufacturing, trade, transportation, taxes, government, president, United States, China, Canada, European Union, cars, automobiles, gasoline prices, oil prices, airplanes, business hotels, business trips, chemicals, shipping, receiving, printing, publishing, computer networking, microsoft, Bill Gates, political campaigns, the oil industry, debates, issues, parties, groups, banks, political debate, science, world politics, trade politics, anti-globalism protests.


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   My political blog Preview Go
Random political thoughts, information, humor and rants. Oh, and of course discussions about the 2012 election cycle!
   Bernie Sanders! Preview Go
This independent senator from Vermont, could be our next President! He has fought for the middle class most all his life, he is not for sale! He is a fresh face, his fund raising is in small contributions, and he has already out fund raised Hillary, and 'polled' ahead of her, He does not believe in negative campaigning. I am a Christian Democrat, I have taken on the issues of "Socialism" and "Pro-choice" in a Christian way.
   The $100 Laptop Preview Go
The $100 laptop is nearly ready, but does it compute? MIT project has fans, but critics see a Western ideal imposed on world's poor. Others see it as a way radically change the world by increasing communication amongst developing countries.

   The Doomsday Clock - Five Minutes to Armageddon Preview Go
Be afraid. Be more afraid. For the first time in five years, the elite board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is moving the minute hand on their Doomsday Clock closer to the fatal hour of midnight.
   Google Vs. Microsoft - The Fight Over Yahoo's Remains Preview Go
Since the dawn of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates has been determined to buy out all of his competition. Companies have fallen before the ink of his pen. With lots of money to waste and a monopoly to maintain, Microsoft's only concern is companies that refuse to be bought. Companies like Google. Instead Google is doing their own share of buying, and both Microsoft & Google want to buy Yahoo Inc.
   Tim's a Hit in Afghanistan Preview Go
Tim Hortons opens its doors in Afghanistan. See how the Canadian troops and the troops of other countries are taking to Canadian coffee, donuts and bagels.
   The Automotive eZine Preview Go
Car news for motorheads and people who think modern sports cars and supercars are works of beauty.
   The New Liberal Leader: Stephane Dion Preview Go
Photos, interviews, poll results, editorials and news feeds on the new leader of federal Liberal party: Stephane Dion. Stephen Harper is already running in fear. According to a new poll if an election were held today Stephane Dion would be the new prime minister. The Liberals are Back!
   Quebec Separatism: Preview Go
Why Bother? I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of Canadians/Canadiens feel that the entire Quebec Separatist movement is a FUCKING WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.
   The World's Smallest Countries Preview Go
Bassas da India, Vatican City, Monaco, Tuvalu, Pitcairn Islands, San Marino, Christmas Island, Sao Tome & Principe, Gambia, El Salvador, Suriname, Uruguay, Guyana and many more.

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