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Basenji Dog World - Basenjis are an ancient dog breed, originating in Central Africa, also included are pages that relate to the care and we

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Basenji Dog World

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Basenjis are an ancient dog breed, originating in Central Africa, also included are pages that relate to the care and welfare of all dogs





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   Lacada Basenjis Preview Go
Located in DeKalb, MO (near Kansas City), our dogs our top quality show dogs and companions. Please visit and learn more about us and our basenjis.
   Mija Basenjis Preview Go
Visit our site and learn about our Basenjis. We have breed information, pictures and stories of our dogs, and information about the raw diet.
   Brinkley and Kodiak's Page Preview Go
This is a site where people can meet my two basenjis Brinkley and Kodiak. They both have a page dedicated to them, and there are lots of pictures to see. It also has basic information on the breed.

   The Basenji Preview Go
An overview of the breed, behavior characteristics, organized activities for basenjis, what it means to live with a basenji; Puppy Parade of basenji puppies in the US, Canada, and abroad.
   Dharian Basenjis Preview Go
For show, agility, lure coursing, obedience...or just to love. Dharian Basenjis in Wolfforth, Texas(just outside Lubbock), has been breeding for health, temperament, and performance for over 20 years. Meet the Dharian dogs and their people and learn about this very different breed.
   Mafaili Ya Basenji - The Basenji Files Preview Go
Mafaili Ya Basenji' represents what we hope will be a continually growing collection of Basenji- & Canine/Sighthound-rela ted websites for your Basenji research pleasure. This collection is certainly not complete by any means, but it does represent a large number of resource sites for your research into the many facets of Basenji owning/breeding/handli ng/feeding/training/ca ring/ loving.
   Basenji on Italy- Basenji in Italia Preview Go
“Basenji in Italy” is not a real club as it has not registered members, membership cards and fees. It was born five years ago as a game in order to meet few italian lovers of this strange breed and to collect and spread anything about Basenjis: books, films, documents, articles or simply direct experiences and photos.

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