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The Gay Rights Webring - This webring promotes gay rights, lesbian rights, bisexual rights and transgendered rights. Information, equality and fr

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The Gay Rights Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
This webring promotes gay rights, lesbian rights, bisexual rights and transgendered rights. Information, equality and freedom of speech. - The logo is "Untitled #3" by Canadian artist Charles Moffat.

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1971 - An article that explores the myths about lesbianism spread by the male dominated culture of the time.
   That Old Problem, Sex Preview Go
Exploding the myths surrounding female sexuality that have been created by our male dominated culture.
   LOVING WOMEN Preview Go
A Daughter and Mother Talk About Sexuality and Lesbianism.

From one bisexual - Sex and Gender Decoupled
   Lesbian Kama Sutra Preview Go
...probably the most revolutionary Sapphic Arts and Lovers Guide. Lesbian Kama Sutra explores lesbian sexual positions in chapters with videos, photographs, explanatory text, drawings and Tantra. An arts archive, called Sapphosophy, collects lesbian material contributed successively by world-wide women.
   Nowhere @ All Preview Go
This huge site featuring many examples of Brian Matthew Kessler's diverse creations and thoughts. Also, information pertaining to his identity and the details of his life. Come. Sit down. Relax. Have a cup of tea. Read a bit of philsophy, short fiction, poetry. Admire the art on the walls. Not least, there are links to many other cool websites.
   Black Conscious News Blog Preview Go
Black Conscious News Blog was setup to encourage interactivity for our readers of the Black Conscious News website who want to take an active role in exchanging information.
   Where Real Lads Meet... Preview Go
A huge collection of BBS all over the Globe, direct links to galleries, a unique business proposition... All what's needed for REAL LADS' Lifestyle.
   Grace Jones World Preview Go
Ultimate fan site for the gay club Disco Goddess, blogging daily about her news updates, CDs, DVDs, her Warhol -- even news about friends like Warhol and Keith Haring. Hosted by writer and alternative radio DJ Viqi French.
   4x4 Gay Offroad Forum Preview Go
Forum designed and created for all those who are gay, bisexual or gayfriendly and wish to share their passion for 4x4 offroading.

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