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The Bipolar-Manic Depression Ring - Sites relating to BiPolar and manic depression conditiosn:  treatments, symptoms and possible causes.

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The Bipolar-Manic Depression Ring

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Manager: alicorna
Sites relating to BiPolar and manic depression conditiosn:  treatments, symptoms and possible causes.


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   an inconvenient illness Preview 1 review(s) — Go
everyday tales from the life of a 23 year old woman- known to most as a happy, silly, and grounded girl- that suffers quietly from bipolar disorder.
   Bi Polar POS Preview 2 review(s) — Go
A place for BP sufferer's, their friends and families!
   My Mind Matters Preview Go
My blog documents my journey through depression, battle with anxiety and struggle to access mental health services. I want to raise mental health awareness, tackle stigma, educate others an hear from other survivors to share their stories.

   Bipolar Support Centre Preview Go
Bipolar Support Centre is a support forum for people who have been diagnosed within the Bipolar spectrum, this can be Cyclothymia, Bipolar I and II or Bipolar NOS (Not otherwise specified). It is also for people who believe they could be suffering with a Bipolar disorder, and also friends and family of those with a Bipolar disorder. Feel free to register on the forums.
   Dating with Bipolar Disorder Preview Go
The most important reason that I created this blog is because I have yet to find any accessible reading material on dating and relationships from the perspective of persons with bipolar disorder.
   Ramblings of a Bi-Polar Girl Preview Go
Ramblings of a Bi-Polar Girl
   Living with bipolarism Preview Go
Web log journals of family members of people with bipolar disorder.
   www.mannyneira.com: personal site of Manny Neira Preview Go
Manny Neira, the 'mysterious utility wizard', invites you to www.mannyneira.com, home of the world's smallest nation (the Republic of Mania), the terrifying Ministry of Undisclosable Purpose, arguments for anarchism, socialism, and internationalism, and the blog of Socky the depressive sock puppet!
   Pinoy Bipolar Preview 1 review(s) — Go
An online journal of a Filipino living with BIPOLAR DISORDER. A testament on how I am learning to take control of my life from the grip of wayward hormones inside my head and intent on living a full and productive life ahead.
   Sanity's Insane BlogSpot Preview 1 review(s) — Go
And Yooouuurrr Definition Of Sanity Is...? Someone said I could have a free sight to just ramble on and on about...hmmm...lost my train of thought. Anyway, I intend to tell the whole world that when God was handing out my sanity credentials, mine was spelled INsanity. My life, My Loves and My All My Children - My reason for laughter and pain.

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